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A model of the post-implantation human embryo derived from pluripotent stem cells. Weatherbee BAT, Gantner CW, Iwamoto-Stohl LK, Daza RM, Hamazaki N, Shendure J, Zernicka-Goetz M. Nature. 2023 Jun 27. doi: 10.1038/s41586-023-06368-y. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37369347.

Generation of Stem Cell-Based Mouse Embryo-Like Structures. Handford CE, Panda P, Mohammad Choudhury IB, Amadei G, Zernicka-Goetz M. Methods Mol Biol. 2023 Jun 8. doi: 10.1007/7651_2023_493. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37284940.

Progress and challenges in stem cell biology. Apostolou E, Blau H, Chien K, Lancaster MA, Tata PR, Trompouki E, Watt FM, Zeng YA, Zernicka-Goetz M. Nat Cell Biol. 2023 Feb;25(2):203-206. doi: 10.1038/s41556-023-01087-y. PMID: 36788378.

The role of polarization and early heterogeneities in the mammalian first cell fate decision. Lamba A, Zernicka-Goetz M. Curr Top Dev Biol. 2023;154:169-196. doi: 10.1016/bs.ctdb.2023.02.006. Epub 2023 Mar 21. PMID: 37100517; PMCID: PMC10291876.

Mouse embryo model derived exclusively from embryonic stem cells undergoes neurulation and heart development. Lau KYC, Rubinstein H, Gantner CW, Hadas R, Amadei G, Stelzer Y, Zernicka-Goetz M. Cell Stem Cell. 2022 Oct 6;29(10):1445-1458.e8. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2022.08.013. Epub 2022 Sep 8. PMID: 36084657; PMCID: PMC9648694.

Embryo model completes gastrulation to neurulation and organogenesis. Amadei G, Handford CE, Qiu C, De Jonghe J, Greenfeld H, Tran M, Martin BK, Chen DY, Aguilera-Castrejon A, Hanna JH, Elowitz MB, Hollfelder F, Shendure J, Glover DM, Zernicka-Goetz M. Nature. 2022 Oct;610(7930):143-153. doi: 10.1038/s41586-022-05246-3. Epub 2022 Aug 25. PMID: 36007540; PMCID: PMC9534772.

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Stem cell-derived synthetic embryos self-assemble by exploiting cadherin codes and cortical tension. Bao M, Cornwall-Scoones J, Sanchez-Vasquez E, Cox AL, Chen DY, De Jonghe J, Shadkhoo S, Hollfelder F, Thomson M, Glover DM, Zernicka-Goetz M. Nat Cell Biol. 2022 Sep;24(9):1341-1349. doi: 10.1038/s41556-022-00984-y. Epub 2022 Sep 13. Erratum in: Nat Cell Biol. 2023 Jun;25(6):917. PMID: 36100738; PMCID: PMC9481465.

Stain-free detection of embryo polarization using deep learning. Shen C, Lamba A, Zhu M, Zhang R, Zernicka-Goetz M, Yang C. Sci Rep. 2022 Feb 14;12(1):2404. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-05990-6. PMID: 35165311; PMCID: PMC8844381.

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An in vitro stem cell model of human epiblast and yolk sac interaction. Mackinlay KM, Weatherbee BA, Souza Rosa V, Handford CE, Hudson G, Coorens T, Pereira LV, Behjati S, Vallier L, Shahbazi MN, Zernicka-Goetz M. Elife. 2021 Aug 17;10:e63930. doi: 10.7554/eLife.63930. PMID: 34403333; PMCID: PMC8370770.

A single cell characterisation of human embryogenesis identifies pluripotency transitions and putative anterior hypoblast centre. Molè MA, Coorens THH, Shahbazi MN, Weberling A, Weatherbee BAT, Gantner CW, Sancho-Serra C, Richardson L, Drinkwater A, Syed N, Engley S, Snell P, Christie L, Elder K, Campbell A, Fishel S, Behjati S, Vento-Tormo R, Zernicka-Goetz M. Nat Commun. 2021 Jun 17;12(1):3679. doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-23758-w. PMID: 34140473; PMCID: PMC8211662.

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PANDORA-seq expands the repertoire of regulatory small RNAs by overcoming RNA modifications. Shi J, Zhang Y, Tan D, Zhang X, Yan M, Zhang Y, Franklin R, Shahbazi M, Mackinlay K, Liu S, Kuhle B, James ER, Zhang L, Qu Y, Zhai Q, Zhao W, Zhao L, Zhou C, Gu W, Murn J, Guo J, Carrell DT, Wang Y, Chen X, Cairns BR, Yang XL, Schimmel P, Zernicka-Goetz M, Cheloufi S, Zhang Y, Zhou T, Chen Q. Nat Cell Biol. 2021 Apr;23(4):424-436. doi: 10.1038/s41556-021-00652-7. Epub 2021 Apr 5. Erratum in: Nat Cell Biol. 2021 Jun;23(6):676. PMID: 33820973; PMCID: PMC8236090.

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BMP signalling is required for extra-embryonic ectoderm development during pre-to-post-implantation transition of the mouse embryo. Sozen B, Demir N, Zernicka-Goetz M. Dev Biol. 2021 Feb;470:84-94. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2020.11.005. Epub 2020 Nov 17. PMID: 33217407; PMCID: PMC8219371.

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Global hyperactivation of enhancers stabilizes human and mouse naive pluripotency through inhibition of CDK8/19 Mediator kinases. Lynch CJ, Bernad R, Martínez-Val A, Shahbazi MN, Nóbrega-Pereira S, Calvo I, Blanco-Aparicio C, Tarantino C, Garreta E, Richart-Ginés L, Alcazar N, Graña-Castro O, Gómez-Lopez G, Aksoy I, Muñoz-Martín M, Martinez S, Ortega S, Prieto S, Simboeck E, Camasses A, Stephan-Otto Attolini C, Fernandez AF, Sierra MI, Fraga MF, Pastor J, Fisher D, Montserrat N, Savatier P, Muñoz J, Zernicka-Goetz M, Serrano M. Nat Cell Biol. 2020 Oct;22(10):1223-1238. doi: 10.1038/s41556-020-0573-1. Epub 2020 Sep 28. PMID: 32989249.

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Developmental potential of aneuploid human embryos cultured beyond implantation.
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Expression of SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 and the protease TMPRSS2 suggests susceptibility of the human embryo in the first trimester.
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Autophagy-mediated apoptosis eliminates aneuploid cells in a mouse model of chromosome mosaicism.
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Living a Sweet Life: Glucose Instructs Cell Fate in the Mouse Embryo.
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Comparative analysis of human and mouse development: From zygote to pre-gastrulation.
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Building an apical domain in the early mouse embryo: Lessons, challenges and perspectives.
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Self-Organization of Mouse Stem Cells into an Extended Potential Blastoid.
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Morphogenesis of extra-embryonic tissues directs the remodelling of the mouse embryo at implantation.
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Shahbazi MN, Siggia ED, Zernicka-Goetz M.
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Concerted cell divisions in embryonic visceral endoderm guide anterior visceral endoderm migration.
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CARM1 and Paraspeckles Regulate Pre-implantation Mouse Embryo Development.
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Sequential formation and resolution of multiple rosettes drive embryo remodelling after implantation.
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Self-assembly of embryonic and two extra-embryonic stem cell types into gastrulating embryo-like structures.
Berna Sozen, Gianluca Amadei, Andy Cox, Ran Wang, Ellen Na, Sylwia Czukiewska, Lia Chappell, Thierry Voet, Geert Michel, Naihe Jing, David M. Glover & Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz.
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In vitro generation of mouse polarized embryo-like structures from embryonic and trophoblast stem cells.
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Pluripotent state transitions coordinate morphogenesis in mouse and human embryos.
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Actomyosin polarisation through PLC-PKC triggers symmetry breaking of the mouse embryo.
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Delayed APC/C activation extends the first mitosis of mouse embryos.
Ajduk A, Strauss B, Pines J, Zernicka-Goetz M.
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The chromatin modifier Satb1 regulates cell fate through Fgf signalling in the early mouse embryo.
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Assembly of embryonic and extraembryonic stem cells to mimic embryogenesis in vitro.
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Self-organization of the human embryo in the absence of maternal tissues.
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Mouse model of chromosome mosaicism reveals lineage-specific depletion of aneuploid cells and normal developmental potential.
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Heterogeneity in Oct4 and Sox2 Targets Biases Cell Fate in 4-Cell Mouse Embryos.
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The Acquisition of Cell Fate in Mouse Development: How Do Cells First Become Heterogeneous?
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The BAF chromatin remodelling complex is an epigenetic regulator of lineage specification in the early mouse embryo.
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Over-expression of Plk4 induces centrosome amplification, loss of primary cilia and associated tissue hyperplasia in the mouse.
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Development of the anterior-posterior axis is a self-organizing process in the absence of maternal cues in the mouse embryo.
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G&T-seq: parallel sequencing of single-cell genomes and transcriptomes.
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